Monday, May 19, 2014

WIP Update (While Uploading Photos)

Figured I give an update with what I'm working on while I work on the details of my finished objects like finding the correct links for the pattern. It occurs to me as I write out all of this that this may be why I'm not finishing anything...
  • Twin Leaf Scarf - It frustrates me that I have one 1/2 done and the other only requires something like 6 leaves (each leaf is 2 repeats and each repeat is 11 rows of no rest lace) before I have to figure out how to graft the ends together. I started this about 4? years ago and I want it off the needles.
  • Piper's Journey- I finished the garter section and I've finished about 3 repeats of the edging lace. I'm just now remembering the trick it was to make a semi-circle with pins while blocking my last.
  • Moonacre Affection Shawl- I'm in the 3rd? repeat of the tricolor section out of 12 so have a loong way to go yet but the colors are charming.
  • Granny Stripe Blanket- It will be done once I crochet my remaining balls of yarn (about 12?) into stripes. On the plus side it looks very pretty.
  • Stillwell Sweater- I am finishing the yoke colorwork after knitting both sleeves (turns out if you increase 2 stitches before you do the colorwork at the bottoms you can knit the pattern w/o funky counts; guess how many times I ripped out before I got them to work (3? times) ), figuring out how to attach them to the rest of the sweater (that was fun), knitting the soul sucking short rows across the 2 sleeves and back, and figuring out in each row and section of the yoke how to get the colorwork to line up correctly while factoring in the decreases (not sure if this is due to my chart reading skills but I have doubts due to the sleeve colorwork fussiness). I have also determined that I will have to lifeline above the garter bottom, rip the garter out and use any remaining yarn I have to knit 3+ inches of 2x2 ribbing because it is determined to flip up. Yay.
  • Spring Stripe Socks- Finished the first and am at the heel flap section of the second, these fly when I actually work on them.
  • Hermione's Everyday Sock/Gauntlets- The yarn continued to pool so I decided to use them as pretty long gauntlets and make more after this in grey to simulate armor. I have one completed and just need to wind the yarn into a ball as it decided to explode before making the second.
  • Shades of Purple Socks- So pretty, just into the stockinette. I still have lots of pretty stripes to knit before reaching the heel flap.
  • Purple Feather & Fan Scarf- Cast this on a couple of days ago for a gift, I'm trying to finish this within 2 weeks, we'll see how far I get : )
  • Blue Jeans Viajante- I'm midway through my second skein out of 4 and loving the simplicity of just knitting in endless circles and watching the yarn stripe.
  • Buckeye Stripe Cowl- Started this May 3rd and crocheted on it through May 4th and haven't touched it since although it promises to be very pretty.
  • Pink Picot Cowl- Just need to finish this stockinette section, do a picot row, and short stockinette/garter to finish up. The color pooled very fetchingly although the colrway is now discontinued.
  • Wooded Traveling Woman- Just finished the first repeat, need to move these off my addi turbo's. I really don't like their stickiness; but the yarn is absolutely gorgeous (Blue Moon Fiber Arts Waltzing Lobelia).
  • Once Upon A Time Sampler- Finished April and now need to start May. I've made changes to every month so far and I think I'll change the color of the cottage.
  • Spring Sampler- Finished 5 blocks out of 25 and 11? frames. Very pretty so far.
  • Strawberries, Cream and Chocolate Spinning- Just finished the first bobbin 5/15 and into the second bobbin. Very satisfying to spin, it's a 40% Merino, 40% superwash Merino, and 20% silk. (Woolgatherings)

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