Friday, July 20, 2012

Still Knitting

I promise I'm still working on projects and photos are upcoming.
 I love how our Rose of Sharon's blooming this year.

I know I haven't done a garden update recently and with good reason. Everything is ripe and needs picking so it doesn't occur to me to take photos until after I'm tired from the heat picking all the snow peas (blooming for the 5th time! I'm so sick of peas), green beans (every day now), cherry tomatoes (just about every other day), blueberries, & a few peppers.
The lettuce has bolted but the rabbits are loving it along with carrots frozen in little ice cubes.

I'm working on creating a pattern for my Pretty Picot Shawl.
My Grandma is test knitting for me which is so awesome because she has a different tension than I do...Mom thinks that if we tested it my knitting would hold water; I'm afraid to try : ).
I also have one on the needles I'm photographing after each pattern section.
Distant plans are being made for trying for a larger version with larger needles and another skein to see if it would still sit nicely; but I really need to get some things off the needles before I think about that...

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