Friday, August 30, 2013

Regular Updates...

Clearly, I need to write posts without pictures because this is ridiculous. I've finished quite a bit recently but photos have not been processed; as usual. I've made bits of progress; but nothing significant on all of my projects. I think I'll try a weekly progress update with sometimes pictures. If I can check my email, I can post regularly, right?

My Current Works In-Progress
  • Twin Leaf Scarf- A few leaves on the second half, I have 7 out of 21? done; it's on my to-do list...
  • Scrap Sock Yarn Blanket- it's been pulled out of the closet and the next small square's yarn has been chosen...
  • Granny Square Blanket- A square has been created (ends not woven in) for the last strip before the border (for a 7x6 blanket).
  • Granny Stripe Blanket- The next stripe's color has been chosen and the crochet hook found again.
  • Swallowtail Shawl- I finished the repeating chart (it seemed as if it would never end), inserted a lifeline, and I'm on row 15 out of 21 on the next chart. I've finally figured out how loose to go for the nupps because, as you know, I tend towards the tight end of the knitting spectrum : )
  • Lace Color Affection Shawl- I have finished the loong 2-color section and am on the 3rd repeat of the 3-color section. (Grey, Red, & Blue)
  • Blue Mittens (to be embroidered with wool)- I finished the first mitten and I'm about halfway to the thumb afterthought on the 2nd mitten. Progress is slow because the actual design to embroider has not been chosen...
  • Buoy Socks- Turned the heel and almost done with the gusset of the first sock.
  • Dream Stripes Shawl- Still in the 2 stripes section, I think I'll switch this over to one of my ChiaoGoo needles for sharper points once my Swallowtail finishes.
  • Teal Blue Denim Cowl- Finished picking up the garter ridges and knit three rows (ripped back a patterned cowl which was taking too much mental effort).
  • Ukranian Ironbelly Dragontail Shawl- Finished the first point and almost finished the second...
  • Soft Kitty Gauntlets- Finished the first after ripping back to the afterthought thumb when I didn't add enough stitches the first time (after I bound off and discovered this; it went in time-out for a bit to think about what it did) with all ends woven in. I'm fairly certain they will match identically which is very satisfying.
  • Stillwell Sweater- I'm at the bottom chart section; if I were to actually follow the bottom chart. I don't think I need emphasis on my hips or a band to make me appear shorter; but I also have to do some shaping, so I'm still figuring out how to mark where the chart would be, if I were following it. I think I'll put a safety pin marker (no coil for no snags) in the first row of the 'chart'...
  • Mom's Hand-dyed Fiber part 2- I've pre-drafted the first two ounces and it's ready to go. I just need to start it and tension the wheel properly. (I also have maybe 3 yards of Mom's Bohemian yarn still on the bobbin which needs plying/washing/thwacking but it's a green yellow...)
  • Gnome embroidery- The matryoshka is almost done except for the face, as is the gnome. I need to choose some more colors for a variety. Maybe I can use this for a project bag's side accent?

  And this is just a list of all my crafting projects : ) . 
When things are finished links to the designer of the pattern, photos of the FO, and a link back to my Ravelry project page will be added. (Mittens and socks are Blog Only because their pattern is rather loose)

Hope everyone has great weather to enjoy & lots of finishing time on the weekend : )

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