Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Experiment

This is the edging from one of the shawls in the second Jane Austen Knits by Interweave; which I modified to suit my purposes.

I decided that not only did I want to knit a bottom-up shawl; I wanted to do one where you knit the edging first and pick up the body stitches. To make things harder on myself I also came to the conclusion that I needed to write the pattern for a variant of my Pretty Picot -bottom up. Luckily, this turned out fine and was a fairly quick knit.

Two different colors of Knitpicks Stroll -Wine Tasting and Waterlily-(discontinued) on size 3 needles. I had quite a bit of the red left over and just a small amount of the green. It blocked out well and I might make another out of laceweight at somepoint in one color.

 I won't be posting the direct pattern for this because I didn't come up with the edging. I'll post the bare instructions for my pattern once I get the Pretty Picot up in just a few weeks.

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