Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beading Frenzy

These are the earrings I was talking about last time.
 They're so delicate but simple I think I'll be wearing these a lot.

My size 10 needles which I've been using for my cotton wash cloths. I believe the jump rings which make up the stitch markers are 10mm.

These are 24 stitch mitred squares & they're pretty small.
I think I'll eventually do a 32 stitcher eventually.

These too are for larger needles.

I got feedback from my Grandma about my Pretty Picot (link/pattern coming soon) and she disliked how her stitch markers were creating a bigger hole in her YOs.
So I made a set of stitch markers for her, me, & Mom with smaller jump rings so they'll fit on sock size needles and will work for my shawl.
They're shown on one of my size 3 needles.

And while I had the beads out I made a pair of earrings and another necklace...

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