Friday, June 1, 2012

Garden Center

We went to various Garden Centers to decide what to plant and what will grow near us and well...
 I took rather a lot of photos of the pretty flowers...
I thought I'd share some of my favs....

Balloon Flower before it opens...

and after...

Double Columbine

Geum; Blazing Sun.
 I love how much these look like fancy poppies

Clown face

I love roses; especially the miniature ones

Spotted geranium.
They really do look like they've been speckled with paint : )

Miniature sunflower.
This beauty was only about a foot in height.

Zinnias; such a lovely shade of pink...

And a late blooming primrose.
They smell so beautifully.

Lavender; love how this smells....
(It was actually raining which is why my photo turned out so dark)

And a pretty water feature I noticed.
I love the blooms of water lillies.
Pretty soon it will be warm enough for swimming and kayaking!

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