Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Northern Lights Shawl is DONE!

It's done and feels like wearing a warm cobweb
It turns out I started this project last September!

 Blocking was soo easy I loved it after the hours it took for me to block my Feather & Fan Shawl

It's really long so getting a picture of the whole length was tricky

I love how the edging is formed by knitting the WS rows

I love how it looks like stained glass in the Sun

The wind wasn't helping...

The pattern is orginally Finnish but luckily the designer, AnneM, has an English translation and it's free : )
I used a Knitpicks laceweight; I think it's Shimmer but I bought it without a ballband. One skein. Size 5 needles. Oodles of time & post-its.

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