Thursday, January 5, 2012

Solstice Gifts

Made these for Mom


These were so much fun to make and so long as you have basic beading supplies it goes really fast. I used 9mm jump rings mainly because most of the projects we work on are done on fairly small needles.

  •  9mm jump rings (this is what goes on your needle so make sure they will slide comfortably)
  •  Interesting beads
  • Headpins (I just used the basic pin but there are swirls, fleur de lis etc. too)
  • Beading pliers (I used flat nosed but some people prefer the rounded)
  • Beading wire cutter to cut the excess headpin metal off (you could use scissors but this will dull the blades and could leave sharp edges)

Depending on how well the jump ring closes there can be a small gap which yarn can catch in.
 I know you can weld/smelt? the jump rings closed but I like the security of being able to open them if I accidentally knit them in... : )

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