Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Instead of Cards...

 Three down, Three to go.

I've finally gotten them down so they only take a few minutes to create. Copy paper can create a variety of sizes, is fairly neutral in color, and doesn't have a wrong side.

I believe there are several tutorials, videos, and books which have instructions for an origami crane. When I have free time (Christmas Knitting is still Inprog., yes it deseves capitals) I'll try to find a few/ take photos when it's sunny.

Made this cowl out of chunky acrylic in case the person I gift this to is allergic to natural fibers. I have to admit it was not fun working with a large hook and trying to have a loose tension : )

It's Red Heart Homespun; I think the colorway is Berry Bliss.
My camera doesn't like pinks in unnatural light.

A truer color close-up; not much sun to be had in the past few days.

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