Saturday, October 15, 2011


Slowly working on the 6x6 of my scrap sock yarn blanket.
Turns out just thinking about a project doesn't actually increase its size.

My feather & fan scarf is going swimmingly.
 I just finished my first ball of yarn and I'm starting on the second.
In the finished product you'll be able to tell where the balls changed because I over thought the color change and cut off the majority of the orange on the second ball so the color doesn't go on as long as it should.
When stretched it's a bit over 3ft.

My shawl is slowily becoming bigger.
 I tend to get a few rows done here and there because a row takes about 30 minutes now and I don't like leaving lace mid-row. The color is actually a bit deeper in real life; robin's egg, deep magenta, and royal purple.

The patterns for my scarf and shawl are not mine.
The designers and links to a pattern can be found in my previous posts.
I'll repost all the links; credits when they're finished.

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