Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Spoilers!!

 I didn't realize just how much I've made until I took pictures of most of it... some will have to be photographed on Christmas Day because I realized I didn't have a picture just as I finished wrapping it...

Knit these all through my classes this quarter, took a suprising amount of time.
 Kroy sock yarn

First time I made a toy with the 'correct' knit stitch, also has my first pompom as its tail. I plan on adding clothing at some point.. Pattern by Fuzzy Mitten


My first hat knit in the round...
It turned out well but I might try it on 3s next time.
Pattern by Fuzzy Mitten for her toys.

As of Yesterday...

Dad wants navy socks for Christmas; I really don't see how the 2nd will be done in time. Only one ball with little bit extra left over!!
 It has a minimum of 72 stitches around and with a pick up gusset of 25sts I thought I was going slowly mad and blind. Knitpicks Stroll Yarn, very nice to work with no splitting and soft.

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