Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quilt Progress

I have finally finished all the quilting of the various blocks both colorful and tan and discovered a previously overlooked obstacle... the binding.

For some reason or the other I completely overlooked the fact that I would be required to sew around the ENTIRE edge of the quilt. I remember the moment clearly; I finished hiding my knot for the last block, sighed with relief, and looked in horror at my quilt's size. I clearly remember thinking 'Why did I make it so big?'

To add insult to injury Mom told the wonderful news that to create the best looking edging I would need to blind stitch the folded edges.

I hate blind stitch. I'm not particularly good at it and somehow my stitches will occasionally show; I notice this of course after about five hidden stitches later, which I refuse to rip out. :)

After that of course I was sulking a bit but brightened at the news I wouldn't need to pin the whole thing before stitching; only the next five inches or so.

(As a general rule pins and needles enjoy escaping on me so I'm forever losing them, even my yarn needles disappear... and so of course my family invariably accidently finds them and so have various fits of hysteria when they find I have lost my needle... again.)

Then I discovered that by the way I sewed the backing on I might *read most likely* have to add additional pieces on so that the binding will be even on the sides... I'm going to ignore that problem until I get to it; I'm still going to hope that my worries will be for nothing :)

At any rate I have just finished just over a half of one of the short sides, after about three days of sewing off and on. Luckily the corners won't be as difficult as I feared because they shall be rounded...

Pictures will be posted when I download; it's such a pain I've been putting it off... So I'll probably need to get out my photo CDs to take the photos off my computer too. Ughh

Hope your weather stays as sunny and warm as mine has been :D

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