Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alpaca/ Lama Pincushion

*Picture coming soon*- As soon as I find my camera again.....

My first fair isle? style knitting; anyway the first where I've had to carry two colors along. But I'm pleased it worked as well as it did considering it was, squee, my pattern. I had a full sheet of graph paper filled with variations of lamas, a slightly longer tail, legs, ears, etc. and then I had my family vote on which one they liked the best...Mom & I liked this pattern, though Dad liked one with a longer leg; which I thought looked strange. :)

I'll soon have a pic up for these slippers that my Grandma J. knit me, very awesome, but I haven't sewed on the crocheted roses yet- read I haven't finished making a rose ( it takes over 53 stitches to begin with, very offsetting) but I have high hopes that I'll have finished them soon.

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