Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ohio State Fair

Rather blurry image of a quilt I saw at the crafts tent, unfortunately the arts building didn't allow pics, but I loved the retro fabric and traditional designs used in this one, fun inspiration though a bigger project than I want to attempt.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate hights? I'll go on the Ferris wheel and this transport thing but it is highly likely for me to be white knuckled and with my eyes screwed shut. Handling the camera, making sure my flip flops stayed on ( I couldn't feel my toes for several minutes afterward), and making sure my rather large bag and me stayed safely in the seat made sure the experience unforgettable. :) This pic shows the marching band marching below us.

And it isn't a trip to a fair until we find the large stand with a really large selection of meat, and stand and drool for a few minutes.

View of the band marching by from the ground at a different point, I think they were marching around most of the time we were at the fair...

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