Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yet Another Necklace

You can never have enough necklaces, and surprisingly this is a fairly easy one to make and fairly versatile... Find a length of chain you like ( I prefer a necklace that lays at the top of my collarbone ), clasps ( usually I use lobster claws but that's just because I find these easiest to put on ), Here I use sort of square beads but rectangular beads look good as well, some headpins, and eye pins. I started from the center of my necklace (by folding the chain in half... fool proof :D ) and then alternated with two beads and one with the next bead in the third link from the previous bead.
To create the two beads linked together you put the headpin bead (with a not closed loop at top ) through the eye of the eye pin. Close and add a bead to the eye pin trim create another non-closed loop and hook through the chain link and close.
* Note: I tried to hold the chain the same way so that all the beads were hooked onto the same side of the chain.

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