Sunday, December 21, 2008


Happy Solstice everyone! We inadvertently started our celebrations early this year when the power went out around nine... Lucky Mom had just finished her shower, I had not. We wrapped up with blankets and used the outside light to create our crafts. It sure was entertaining trying to think of things to do. Our water ran the whole time so I was able to wash out my paintbrushes, and Gizz was extra snuggly. :) We finished putting up curtains in the windows and doorways, and the fireplace helped to create heat. The power is back on now yay! Em and I are madly trying to finish various gifts, and I have numerous projects to finish/wrap.... and my craft areas are mess yuck!

Have a cool necklace that I can't wait to show y'all it was inspired by the Egyptian collars, but it needs to be reworked because it doesn't lie flat... and well we'll see how quickly I'll get photos up :)

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