Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Softie Assembly Line

My softie box with all the various supplies needed except the yarn; very handy to keep all the little parts in the same place. The papers you see are all the free patterns I've been trying, also a handy place to keep my needles :)
Some many softies I've created but haven't posted but I return with bribes... pictures! Quite a few of these were patterns from Anapaulaoli's book and some, such as my little owls were created using one of her head patterns that I *ahem* messed up somewhere and decided would make good owls. All are shown in various states of production as I like to start a new project before I finish the picky details of the old one.

Who knew the weight of yarn could create such a difference?
Ears were made by myself using two rounds of white with a row of grey to finish When working with eyelash yarn add another yarn to see the stitches, I used grey for this softie
The messy bits next to him are his wings unattatched at the moment until I find a needle with a bigger eye
The wings were patterned by myself, I think, where I chained until I had the approximate length I wanted and then did the crochet stitch where you add an extra loop before you start the stitch, all around the wing but decreased on the last two stitches to create a kind of pointed tip to the wing.

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